What is Ultrafiltration ? Advantages of UF water purifier

UF water purifier

Ultrafiltration is a type of membrane filtration which is used to separate the suspended particles and impurities from the water. The process is very effective in removing bacteria, virus, cyst, microorganisms, & natural organic impurities and deliver pure and clean drinking water. UF water purifier uses a membrane which is similar to RO membrane, but the pore size is slightly larger than RO membrane. The biggest advantage of UF water purifier is that it does not require electricity to operate.  Therefore, such water purifier can be easily used in any areas where there is a regular issue with a power cut. Besides this, the filtration process is very simple & clean and it does not use any chemicals for the purification of the water. This ensures that the taste of water remains unaltered.

Advantages of UF water Purifier

Ultrafiltration water purifier has many advantages and these are mentioned below:

  • Works without electricity so you don’t need to worry about the power cut issue.
  • Remove a large number of suspended particles and can purify dirty & muddy water effectively
  • No chemicals are used so it does not change the taste of water
  • It provides pure drinking water which is better than boiled water because it washes out all germs, dirt, and cyst
  • No annual maintenance contract needed. UF membrane can run for a long time as compared to other purifiers. It can be easily cleaned by flushing blocked impurities on its own which saves your money
  • Durability is another advantage of UF water purifiers. The membrane is extremely strong, which cannot be cracked and this means that it will deliver longer service life.
  • Unlike UV water purifier, it physically removes all the germs and bacteria from the water. UV water purifier only kills the germs but their dead bodies still remain in the water. On the other side, ultrafiltration process stops those deadly microorganisms by blocking them to reach to the purified water.
  • Affordable price, which means that you can easily purchase at the price range of Rs.2000-6000, which is very less as compared to RO and UV purifier
  • Can be as good as RO purifier if the dissolved salt content is very less in water.
  • During RO water purification process a lot of water gets wasted, but UF water purifier does not waste a single drop water. You get the same output of water that you have poured for filtration.

Disadvantages of UF water Purifier

The only issue with UF water purifier is that it is not capable of removing dissolved salts from the drinking water. If the TDS level of the water is very high then UF water purifiers won’t be able to purify the supplied water. So it is very important to check the TDS level of your water before buying UF water purifier

How Does UF water purifier work?

UF water purifiers work on a principle of gravity which means that you pour impure water in the top section and it gets filtered and falls to the bottom section. This process can be done without applying any external pressure and it does not require any electricity for filtration. It can work with normal tap water pressure as well. The pore size of the membrane is small enough to restrict suspended particles and other microorganisms from passing through it. It delivers pure water which is free of the impurities.

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The UF water purifier turns out to be very cost-effective and reliable. The only drawback of such water purifier is that it cannot remove heavy metals. Such purifiers are best for the areas where the drinking water comes from the municipality supply. The Municipally supplied water gets treated before reaching to your home and it doesn’t contain heavy metals in it.

In many areas in India, a supply of electricity is a major issue. For such areas, UF water purifier can be the best option to have access to safe and clean drinking water. This purifier is gaining popularity day by day due to its efficiency of purifying water similar to RO purifier. With proper care, most of UF water purifiers can work up to 10 years.

There are different brands of water purifier like KENT, HUL, Aquaguard and etc. that has a wide range of UF water purifier which you can choose from. Let us discuss on 3 best UF water purifier that KENT Gold, HUL Pureit Classic, and Tata Swach Smart.

KENT Gold UF Water Purifier

KENT Gold is one of the best gravity-based water purifiers, which is based on the superior UF technology. It is the hollow fiber hydrophilic UF membrane with a pore size of 0.1 microns that can remove micro-organisms like bacteria and cysts from the water, ensuring 100% microbe-free water.

Kent Gold UF water purifier comes with 20 Litres of water storing capacity. The water purifier stores 13 liters as purified water and 7 liters of raw water, ensuring that you get a continuous supply of purified water. KENT Gold UF water purifier has activated carbon filter that facilitates better disinfection of water to make water 100% safe and pure water for consumption. The water purifier is perfectly tested and certified for its performance and quality by different world’s renowned laboratories, such as the WQA (USA & India) and NSF (USA).

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HUL Pureit Classic Water Purifier

HUL Pureit Classic is another gravity water purifier that is compact, sleek and covered design which can optimize the space and make an aesthetic appearance of your modern kitchen. The water purifier comes with multi-stage purification process that would make sure that you and your family get pure water every time you want to. It has 14 liters of total purification capacity. The purifier comes with germ kill indicator and auto shut off option.

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Tata Swach Non-Electric Smart Gravity Water Purifier  

Talking about UF water purifier, Tata Swach Smart also comes on the list. The purifier uses Silver Nano Technology to resists any airborne bacteria in the water. It is also capable of removing 100 crore bacteria and 1 crore viruses from 1-liter water. Tata Swach water purifier does not need any electricity and it does not even require any tap running water. Moreover, Tata Swatch Smart water purifier does not need any chemicals to purify water and this ensures that your drinking water is completed purely for consumption.

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The Bottom Line:

All the three UF water purifiers are best in terms of design, storage capacity and even performance, but if you look at KENT Gold water purifier, it seems too much better than the other two models. It has 20 liters of water storing capacity and it also has UF filter that can trap all the microbes from water and make it fit for consumption. We suggest you opt for Kent Gold UF water purifier. Besides you can opt for any amongst the three water purifiers of your choice.

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