What are the Hidden Contaminants Present In Tap Water?

Hidden Contaminants in Tap Water

There are many sources through which water is supplied to homes and one of this is tap water. Some people drink tap water directly and some get it filtered. Those who drink water without filtering it always complain about the tastes, odors or colour of the water. If this is what you are also facing, then it is obvious that the water that you are drinking is contaminated. Drinking contaminated water is very dangerous to your health and can cause severe health effects. Do you know the number of hidden contaminants in tap water? Tap water might contain Viruses & Bacteria, Chemicals, Lead, Chlorine, Arsenic, Heavy Metals and many other contaminants, which can be harmful to those who drink in without filtering it. These hidden water contaminants typically pose risks to our health and exposure to it for a long period of time can be more harmful.

Chemical Contaminants in Tap Water


There are literally thousands of chemical contaminants in tap water and drinking without filtering can make you ill. Chemicals that can be present in water include organic and inorganic chemicals. In drinking water, the man-made organic chemicals are also found and these chemicals comprise 10 to 20% of the total organic matter.

Organic contaminants: Organic contaminants include pesticides and fungicides that are originated from agricultural industries. Organic compounds are found as a single molecule and even as suspended solids in water.

Inorganic contaminants: Your drinking water may also contain inorganic contaminants and these include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to name the few. In addition to this, metals and non-metals are also included in the list of inorganic contaminants. Industries like forest processing, meat, dairy processing, mining and the wastewater treatment may also discharge wastewater and these can also contain inorganic chemical contaminants.

Health Effects Of Drinking Contaminated Water


Drinking contaminated water can cause severe health concerns, which people may not experience immediately. Some of the more commonly reported problems that people may experience from drinking impure or contaminated water include Gastrointestinal Problems, Nausea, Intestinal or Stomach Cramping, Intestinal or Stomach Aches and Pains and even Dehydration. Besides, consuming contaminate tap water can also cause acute and chronic health effects, which are mentioned below.

Acute health effects: Those who drink contaminated water can develop severe health effects and that can be harmful. You can witness symptoms like diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, weakness, cold, and flu. These acute health conditions can typically occur depending on the level of hidden water contaminants.

Chronic health effects. Chronic health effect gets develop after long-term exposure to hidden water contaminants. One can experience problems like liver and kidney disease, reproductive problems and even can experience different types of cancer.

How to get rid of contaminants in tap water? Well, the easiest solution is to use a reliable water purifier to stay protected from waterborne diseases. Now the question is which water purifier to install at home? The answer to this question is to check the TDS level in the water. Those who stay in the area where the TDS level is high they can use RO purifier and where there is low, they can use UV or UF water purifier. Hence, depending upon the level of TDS, you can bring home a branded water purifier. This can help in removing all the contaminants in tap water and making it clean, pure and safe for consumption.

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