Gravity Based Water Purifier: Pros And Cons


We all need water for survival, but it does not mean that you drink water without filtering it. It is extremely shocking to know that many people don’t realize the importance drinking of pure drinking water. As a result, they fall sick and sometimes even fall prey to waterborne diseases. So, what is the solution? It is very simple, just get a water purifier and filter the supplied water before drinking. But now you might be thinking which water purifier to purchase?

Well, there are many people who are careless about buying the right water purifier for their family. They just assume that RO purifier is the best water purifier and they purchase it but, this is not always true. What if you get your water treated from the municipal water treatment plant and you need just to remove the odor from it? Then why to waste a lot of many when you can get pure water on a very small budget. In such condition, just bring home a gravity-based water purifier, which would be effective enough to deliver pure drinking water.

What is Gravity Based Water Purifier?

The gravity-based water purifier is another type of water purifiers that works on the principle of gravity. It does not utilize electricity for purification.  This basically means water will be filtered by typical gravity process without applying any external force. Such water filters are suitable for those areas having low TDS in water. When it comes to price, gravity water purifier can be brought under the price range of ₹ 5000.

How Gravity Based Water Purifier Works?

Usually, the gravity water purifier has 2 compartments, one for the raw water and other where pure water gets stored. Water will be flowing from the upper section to the lower section naturally using the force of gravity. For purification process usually, these water purifiers use activated carbon filters and ultrafiltration membrane to remove the impurities from water.

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gravity based water purifier

Activated carbon made from tiny carbon granule absorbs the bad odour present in the drinking water. Apart from these purification process, many water purifiers use Ultrafiltration process for purification. This purification process is by far the most advanced process to remove harmful bacteria, cyst, and other microorganisms from the drinking water. In this process, UF membrane is used, which is a hollow fibre membrane. Water is passed through the UF Membrane where the impurities are stuck in the hollow fibres of the membrane.

The user has to just pour water manually in the upper compartment of the water purifier. Because of gravity, water compelled to go through the activated carbon and even UF membrane and as a result, the purified water gets collected in the lower compartment.

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The efficiency of gravity water purifier would depend on its purification process. Buy the best gravity-based water purifier that comes fitted with an effective water filter, which can purify the impurities from the supplied water. Try selecting gravity water purifier that has a carbon filter and Ultrafiltration membrane added to it.

Pros & cons of UF water purifier


Pros of Gravity Based Water Purifier

  • It does not require any electricity for functionality
  • Easily removes dust particle, sand, clay bacteria and other microorganisms
  • Low in price compared to other water purifiers
  • Low maintenance cost and easy to use
  • Large Storage capacity from 6-20 Litres
  • Does not require any chemicals for filtration

Cons of Gravity Based Water Purifier

  • Not suitable for purifying high TDS level
  • Cannot filter heavy metals and dissolved salts

Since every water purifier comes with some advantages and disadvantages but their selection is dependent on the nature of your water that is supplied to the home. You may find various brands available in the market like HCL, Aquaguard, Moonbow, KENT and many others. All these brands have a wide range of gravity-based water purifier, which you can select as per your requirement. These water purifiers are an ideal choice for the places where the TDS level of water is low.

So, install the best water purifier at home and stay protected from water-borne illness.

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