Drink Pure Water: A Simple Healthy New Year Resolution

Simple Healthy New Year Resolution

This new year eve, a lot of people would make a resolution, which tends to be goal intended. For a different individual, New Year resolution would be different for some, it is to quit smoking, lose weight, and avoid drinking alcohol and eating healthy food and drink pure water to stay healthy. Every people mark their own resolution, but they don’t follow it properly because they get diverted from it. So, the question is how to meet your resolution? Well, the simplest way out is to break your resolution into smaller goals and stick to your plan. You don’t need to attempt it once, instead, you can start it slowly and getting closest to your goal.

Health is your Major Concern

The common phrase which says “Health is Wealth” truly depicts that your health is very important because a loss of health is a loss of happiness. So, breathe fresh air, eat healthy food and drink pure water. You don’t have control over atmosphere, but what you can control is the food you eat and the water you drink. If your resolution is to stay healthy, you should skip eating fast food or junk food and also ensure that you don’t drink water without filtering it. Purifying water is very important because it ensures that you can not only drink pure water but also stay away from waterborne diseases and remain healthy.

Water Purifier A Necessity To Drink Pure Water

Drinking Pure Water

If your concern is drinking pure water, so that you can stay healthy, the first investment that you should do is to install a water purifier. Drinking filtered water would make you hale and hearty. There are many brands of water purifiers in the market namely KENT, Pureit, Aquaguard, Tata Swach and many others. All the mentioned brands have a wide range of water purifier models, which you can select for your home. Depending on the quality of water, you can purchase the respective water purifier. If the TDS level is high, prefer using RO purifiers, if it low, you should go for gravity/UF based water purifier.

Since there are many brands of water purifier, you should be looking for every aspect of purchasing it. There are few things that you should take note of like the purification technology, purification capacity, maintenance, installation type, after sale service. You should also check the price that suits your budget. Another thing that you should do is to read the customer review of the product. This will let you understand more about the product and its pros and cons.


Apart from all other resolutions that you take this New Year, you should include staying healthy and drinking pure water on the list. Do you know you can almost curtail 70% of your diseases just by drinking fresh and pure water? Yes, its true, you can also stay healthy and keep your family free from unnecessary diseases causing ailments that evoke from drinking contaminated water. So, why not invest in a water purifier this new season and pledge to stay in fine fettles.

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