Complete Review on KENT Inline Gold UF Water Purifier

Complete Review on KENT Inline Gold UF Water Purifier

Water is life and it is needed by your body to perform properly. But it is not that you drink straight from the tap, instead, you should filter it before drinking. Consuming water without filtering means you are also drinking chlorine, fluorine compounds, Trihalomethanes (THMs), pesticides and even other harmful pathogens. Now that you have understood why drinking water without filtering is dangerous, so, what is the solution to it? Well, the easiest resolution is to use a water purifier. For where the TDS level in water is high you can use RO purifier and where there is low you can use UF or UV water purifier.

Today, we’ll discuss on UF (Ultrafiltration) process of purification and even a complete review of KENT Inline Gold UF water purifier.

What is UF Process?

Ultrafiltration (UF) is a type of membrane that uses hydrostatic pressure to pass the water through it. The membrane is a thin layer of material that helps in separating the impurities when a driving force is applied. This membrane helps in the removal of bacteria and other microorganisms from the raw water. UF mainly works in the removal of colloids, proteins, bacteria, and pyrogens. Talking about this filtration process, you would find that there are many models in the market, but we would discuss on KENT Inline Gold.

Review of KENT Inline Gold Gravity Water Purifier

KENT Inline Gold is a wall-mounted gravity-based water purifier that comes with hollow fiber UF membrane. The membrane stands as a block that does not allow any bacteria and cysts to pass through it. This would ensure that you are drinking pure water that too without any use of chemicals like Chlorine, Bromine or Iodine. The wall mounted water purifier would allow you to fix it anywhere you want to. It comes with high storage capacity of 7 liters that ensures a continuous supply of purified water when needed.

The water purifier is designed using ABS engineering plastic that ensures its durability. It also has water level indicator that helps you check the level of purified water that is filled in the tank.

KENT Inline Gold UF Purifier Process and Features


Some of the advantages of KENT Inline Gold are:

  • It does not need any electricity to filter the raw water
  • The purifier blocks and removes bacteria and virus
  • It is capable of removing turbidity water
  • Chemical free purification is another advantage
  • Suitable for low TDS water

The Bottom Line

KENT Inline Gold UF water purifier has state-of-the-art Hollow Fiber UF membrane. The pore size of this membrane is 0.01 micron that is capable enough to stop bacteria, virus or cyst to pass through it. This makes the drinking water healthy and safe from pathogens. The water purifier also has carbon block pre-filter that removes bad taste and odor too, so that the water that you consume is healthy, safe and tasty. The model is best in all the regard and you can check the price online at Flipkart and Amazon to purchase it. It also has positive customer reviews as well.

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